Everyone Needs Life Insurance

Find the plan for you in or around Missoula, MT

Do you think you're too young for life insurance? If you have someone in your life who would have financial difficulties if you pass, you need insurance. Cody Steele Insurance can help you choose amongst universal, indexed and term life insurance plans in Missoula, MT or any of the surrounding areas.

The plans we show our clients can protect their children, spouses and other loved ones in the event of their death. Death benefits can replace your lost income, giving your beneficiaries a financial cushion. Tell our agent about your concerns now by calling 406-240-7275.

You have options

Our agent can explain several insurance options to you. We deal with a lot of low- and no-risk choices, including:

  • Universal life insurance - covers you for your entire lifetime, providing a death benefit to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • Term life insurance - provides coverage for a fixed time period, giving a death benefit to your beneficiaries only if you pass during this period.
  • Indexed life insurance - low-risk permanent life insurance that can earn interest through the stock market.

Hire our agent today. We're based in Missoula, MT but serve clients throughout multiple states.